LATAM Brand Communications, GTM Strategy and Market Analysis

Latin America is a huge market for Anime specialist streaming-service Crunchyroll, which is why they decided to put a dedicated communications and go-to-market campaign in place, focussing on Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, and Chile.

The Latin American and Spanish markets represent an important audience for a streaming service, such as Anime specialist Crunchyroll, Characterized by a generally young, engaged and internet-savvy audience, despite large socio-economic disparities, at local level. 

While Brazil is a fully distinct market and almost a subcontinent in itself, the Spanish-speaking part of the region is divided in distinct entities with major cultural differences and media demographics. 

One trend prevalent in the region’s major markets (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico) is a disproportionately high usage of the internet, along with messaging apps such as WhatsApp, serving as a general a source of information. Thus, many large news outlets and digital services (from Globo to Netflix) rely heavily on WhatsApp and Social Media networks to connect with their audiences and key media in the area. Shareable, visual content with entertaining appeal, as well as spaces for interactive exchange are crucial when trying to reach key consumers.

Chile and Spain are somewhat more traditional markets, and the overall trust in established media is higher. But there is also a strong shift towards online content & more interactivity in media usage. 

Over a project period of 5 months, we conducted an extensive market and media landscape research in order to position the brand in a variety of Spanish-speaking countries, as well as Brazil. We also supported creative campaigns and media outreach, pushing diverse stories such as their collaboration with Gucci or Idris Elba.

We also facilitated TV interviews with producers and coverage for on outlets like GQ or Glamour Mexico and pushed the digital convention Crunchyroll Expo.

Media Landscape Chile
Media Landscape Anime Market Chile
Media Landscape Anime Market Brazil
Coverage in GQ Mexico